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How Can a Workshop Accelerate a Project?

The POS system team discusses
the design process of “creating settings”.

Sharp’s POS system has been installed in about half of the gas stations in Japan. *POS system: point-of-sale system. A system solution ranging from terminal equipment to programs that support a wide range of operations through information management, including sales and payment operations, customer management, and inventory management.

The designer’s role is not limited to the design of the POS itself. We have to stand in the shoes of the company installing the system and identify every issue the gas station business faces so we can propose solutions beyond the POS.

The design team plays a central role by leading workshops with a variety of related stakeholders to extract ideas on key solutions.

It’s important for the design team to create a setting where each participant can proactively exchange opinions from their own perspective. Designers also liven up workshops by creating shortcuts in the process to accelerate project development.

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