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Can Design make you Travel Trough Time?

The communication design team discusses designs
that makes you feel like you travel through time

With the idea of providing entertainment, we recreated the era when TVs were on the streets. A movie presents the products that Sharp has put out after over 100 years in business. Would you like to explore this history like a journey back in time? That’s the point of this design.

We’ve treated the wood to give it an aged appearance and a worn feel. We made sure that when you switch between the two movies, you see that retro noise in the transition.

Back when TVs were still a rarity, crowds would gather at train stations or streetside televisions to take in live broadcasts of professional wrestling or baseball. Were you there when people would look up at these TVs and feel a rush of excitement and anticipation?

When you visit the Sharp Museum in Tenri, Nara Prefecture, stand in front of the streetside TV and take a step back in time.


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